Fellow Earthlings,
We are facing a grave threat. The Annihilators, a ruthless robotic race, have set their sights on our planet and our colonies. They have sent us a message, full of threats, and it is clear that they will not back down.

But we are not alone in this fight. We have recently formed an alliance with the Dogelon, a technologically advanced species who have been at war with the Annihilators for decades. The Dogelon have offered us their support and their technology, and together, we will face this threat head on.

This alliance is not just about protecting our world. It is also about creating new opportunities for humanity. With the help of the Dogelon technology, we will be able to accelerate our progress in the Solar System and beyond. This will mean millions of new jobs for Earth and our colonies, as we work together to integrate the Dogelon technology into our systems.

We must stand together in this fight. The Annihilators are a formidable enemy, but with the support of our Dogelon allies, we are stronger than ever. Let us face this threat with courage and determination, and let us emerge victorious.

Long live the United Earth Coalition, and long live our alliance with the Dogelon.

Build. Fly. Collect. Protect.

"Build" refers to the ability for players to get and customize their own spaceships within the game. This might involve choosing different parts or features to add to the ship in order to give it unique capabilities.

"Fly" refers to players piloting their spaceships and navigating through different environments within the game. This might involve completing missions and jobs to gain both currency and experience.

"Collect" refers to the ability for players to acquire and own their unique spaceships as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can be collected, traded, and owned just like physical collectibles.

"Protect" refers to players using their spaceships to defend human and Dogelon homeworlds. This might involve completing missions against the Annihilator threat and getting involved in battles to protect the Alliance from otherworldly threats.


win64 EXE game+editor, android APK shared folder with all files

Game client (win64, primary)

Game client (android, unsupported for now)

Planned expansions